vice-principal's Message

Born out of the blessing of the divine Mother and sprouted from the philosophy of Srri Aurobindo,our college is dedicated to the cause of quality teaching and coaching to shape the tender minds of the students to establish them in the highly academic and career world.Emphasis on Yoga is given to renew physical and higher forms of energy and to develop tolerance,self-control,friendless & self-mastery over ego .Opportunities are given to learn spiritual & psychic values like Love,Truth,Faith in God,Competence in Performance,Strength of Mind & Heart.

Our Sole ambition is to prepare the ideal student in the Mother’s concept, Who
…….Like to study when they are at class
…….Like to play when they are in the playground
…….Like to eat at meal time
…….And always they are full of love for all those around them
…….And full of Confidence in the divine Grace
…….And full of deep respect for the Divine

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